Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1 Year already~

The times pass very fast~~~
Still remember the 1st time take flight from LCCT to Kota Kinabalu for my UMS MSM~
and now~~~ Already 1 year pass~~~
in this 1 year~~~ a lot things happen and make a big changes in my daily activities~
The biggest changes in my daily activities is~~~
I start to be a Clubbing Leg~~~~ on the 2nd semester of my Uni,
I everyday saturday sure will hanging around BW lounge with those friend : Kevin, Hien, Liau, VM, and so on~
and even meet some ppl in there~~~ hahaha~~ don know is good or bad~~~ but i love it very much~~~
Now, is my sem Break....which around 2month. but.....I don think i will have enough rest for this 2 month~
coz I start my Part-Time on the 2nd week of my holiday~~ and glad that...I found a part time job~
if not...i sure will waste the 2 month times hanging around done nothing~~~
Anyway......Wish all my friend have fun in their holiday~~~
and~~~ Going to be Senior liao lo~~~ hahahahaha~~~~~ XD