Friday, July 30, 2010

Eat , Sing , and Club

Well, back to labuan, mean I start to waste money already! hahahah~
Had an enjoy saturday with My 38 Gangs Senior~ hahaha~
Eat,Sing,and club! Love it so much~ long times no entertainment like this since the Sem Break back to hometown and get a Part-Time Work! hahaha~~~
We had a great dinner at a restaurant name "綠洲“ Golf Field Restaurant.
Alvin Bring out his New Pet DSLR then we start shooting from there woh~ hahah~

~Handsome boh? keke~

~With Alvin Yan aka Petak Community~

After we enjoy our dinner~ wat next? Go Sing KTV~ hahaha~
long time no sing jor~ very enjoy that moment very much!
It take place at CrossRoad KTV~
So, the song i wont miss to sing is "I don't want to miss a thing - AeroSmith"
yea~ hahaha~~ really cant believe~ I hit the HIGH NOTE part! yea yea~~

~Cool woh~

~My fav Pose~

Then~ after Sing K at Crossroad~ we start our Dance Night~
Where we go for club? sure is BLUEWAVE bah~
Seriously~ Clubing at labuan is super cheap!
1 Bucket of 6 BOTTLE Heineken only RM42! Cheap or not?
is DAMM CHEAP! hahaha~ every one of us is enjoying dance in the club!
Well.......after clubing~ that is still early for us~ coz we cant back to hostel in the midnight~
we go for Manja Rasa Beach there for shooting~ hahaha~
but I was blur but still awake~ hahahA~~~

~Resting while Alvin curi curi snap me~
~but really nice photo for me~
~Alvin Yan : Got Feel!~

haha~~ its really a marvelous night~ wish have more often gathering like this~ 

2nd year!

Its already 3rd weeks of my 2nd year life~
its no more easy work like 1st year in my Uni life~
Assignment started become mountin in the early of the sem!
really Tired la~ this week already start Burn Midnight oil to finish those Tutorial work!
I cant really imagine how would it be when come to Final!
just Hope everything can run Smoothly~
by the way~ our Hostel is doing Upgrade on the piping and installing a Water Pumper so that the water can pump up to our hostel! hahaha~
Is waiting the Room Come out with Clean water! hahaha~