Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Be Cool Contest!

Hei, recently, I had been tag to a picturer from my Friend! That is Be Cool Contest which is host by Exabytes(MY). This contest is giving away very good prize~ that are 1 Xstudent Hosting and Domain which is worth (RM99) and even got the chances to win Apple IPad. worth (RM1899).
Well, I also didnt miss opportunity~ I straight away join this contest and test my luck!!
I post here would like to introduce my fellow friend! don 't miss this chances! fast fast participate it! haha~~~
wish all of us good luck and grab the opportunity to win the PRIZE~ hahaha~~

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Now already half semester already!
I have to spend my 2 weeks raya holiday at Labuan~ due to no money to buy flight ticket back to home town~
hahaha~~ but i think i still can survive at here because of the water supply are recovery!
I enjoy my cooking section everyday~~ save money too!!! hahaha~~~
this 2weeks holiday have a lot of task have to settle it down! if not~ i sure die!! hahaha~~~
and i start learning using Cs3 photoshop too!! hahaha~~ hope really can master it ASAP~ hehehe~~~
And here wish all the Malay Friends Selamat Hari Raya!