Wednesday, October 3, 2012


September 7, was my Last day Intership with TMF Trust Labuan Limited!

September 10, join TMF Trust Labuan Limited as Assistant 2!

September 28, Get my 1st Salary from TMF Trust Labuan Limited!

October 3, Graduation Confirmed! Convocation on 21st October 2012

Time Pass............................................

The STUCK in my life:-
1. Stuck in the Island which name as "Pearl of Borneo"
2. I am Broke!
3. Lot lot lot lot of Wants
4. Far away from family

The CHANGE in my LIFE:-
1. New colleagues which is superb friendly!
2. High workload!
3. Low Stable Income were able to support my life!
4. No more late night sleep!
5. No more study life (I believe I will back to study life in future but not sure when)
6. No more friend around me!

well......I notice that the stuck and change more on negative than positive, but I believe that is not a problem for me..........Outside the world there are lot of people facing problem which are worse than me!!! Thanks God that I have my family support my decision!! I very appreciate it!! :D

Friday, August 24, 2012


Its been a long time that I didn't update this blog!

TIME Flies.......

Last post was about "WINTER SOLSTICE 2011"

and now!! its August of 2012!!!

In the early of the year, Most of the time was spend on Universiti Event that is APN 2012' UMSKAL!

No regret as part of the committee member but honestly to say, I am not the one who WORK 100% for it!

After APN 2012, following with my Final Year Presentation in my 3rd years of UNI life!!!

FYP was went smoothly! but just normal standard but not professional at all!! everything was just NORMAL!!!

It was the most enjoying Last YEAR of Uni life! We had spend lot of laughter together but now.... we are separate far far away and even not going to meet each other in the future life!! 

Hopefully in this October Convocation we can spend time yamcha together and have some photo shooting!!

Here come the July! I had start my Internship at LABUAN~~ where I had spend my 3years of uni life in this SMALL and Tiny island!!! most of the friend had left this island and start their new chapter of life in their hometown or BIG CITY "Kuala Lumpur". But I still make my decision to stay at this island!! I myself had no idea why I will continue have my life at here! If one of you ask me why? I think I surely cant give a best answer too.........

TMF Trust Labuan Limited is the company that I join for my Intern, its a good place for intern, coz I had the chance to gain lot of knowledge and learn new thing from this company. The most important is my Supervisor which is GOOD and Patient enough to teach me this fresh graduate and 0% of working experience. Now, at least I am able to handle the task in minimum guidance but still will make mistake.

Here come today, I had submit my application form to the HR department to apply as permanent staff in TMF Trust Labuan Limited. But I still had a blur direction on my future life!! everything still blur and no direction. 

Anyway...................just hope that stay at this company can gain my experience and give me better chance in the future!!!!