Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Be Cool Contest!

Hei, recently, I had been tag to a picturer from my Friend! That is Be Cool Contest which is host by Exabytes(MY). This contest is giving away very good prize~ that are 1 Xstudent Hosting and Domain which is worth (RM99) and even got the chances to win Apple IPad. worth (RM1899).
Well, I also didnt miss opportunity~ I straight away join this contest and test my luck!!
I post here would like to introduce my fellow friend! don 't miss this chances! fast fast participate it! haha~~~
wish all of us good luck and grab the opportunity to win the PRIZE~ hahaha~~

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Now already half semester already!
I have to spend my 2 weeks raya holiday at Labuan~ due to no money to buy flight ticket back to home town~
hahaha~~ but i think i still can survive at here because of the water supply are recovery!
I enjoy my cooking section everyday~~ save money too!!! hahaha~~~
this 2weeks holiday have a lot of task have to settle it down! if not~ i sure die!! hahaha~~~
and i start learning using Cs3 photoshop too!! hahaha~~ hope really can master it ASAP~ hehehe~~~
And here wish all the Malay Friends Selamat Hari Raya!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Eat , Sing , and Club

Well, back to labuan, mean I start to waste money already! hahahah~
Had an enjoy saturday with My 38 Gangs Senior~ hahaha~
Eat,Sing,and club! Love it so much~ long times no entertainment like this since the Sem Break back to hometown and get a Part-Time Work! hahaha~~~
We had a great dinner at a restaurant name "綠洲“ Golf Field Restaurant.
Alvin Bring out his New Pet DSLR then we start shooting from there woh~ hahah~

~Handsome boh? keke~

~With Alvin Yan aka Petak Community~

After we enjoy our dinner~ wat next? Go Sing KTV~ hahaha~
long time no sing jor~ very enjoy that moment very much!
It take place at CrossRoad KTV~
So, the song i wont miss to sing is "I don't want to miss a thing - AeroSmith"
yea~ hahaha~~ really cant believe~ I hit the HIGH NOTE part! yea yea~~

~Cool woh~

~My fav Pose~

Then~ after Sing K at Crossroad~ we start our Dance Night~
Where we go for club? sure is BLUEWAVE bah~
Seriously~ Clubing at labuan is super cheap!
1 Bucket of 6 BOTTLE Heineken only RM42! Cheap or not?
is DAMM CHEAP! hahaha~ every one of us is enjoying dance in the club!
Well.......after clubing~ that is still early for us~ coz we cant back to hostel in the midnight~
we go for Manja Rasa Beach there for shooting~ hahaha~
but I was blur but still awake~ hahahA~~~

~Resting while Alvin curi curi snap me~
~but really nice photo for me~
~Alvin Yan : Got Feel!~

haha~~ its really a marvelous night~ wish have more often gathering like this~ 

2nd year!

Its already 3rd weeks of my 2nd year life~
its no more easy work like 1st year in my Uni life~
Assignment started become mountin in the early of the sem!
really Tired la~ this week already start Burn Midnight oil to finish those Tutorial work!
I cant really imagine how would it be when come to Final!
just Hope everything can run Smoothly~
by the way~ our Hostel is doing Upgrade on the piping and installing a Water Pumper so that the water can pump up to our hostel! hahaha~
Is waiting the Room Come out with Clean water! hahaha~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1 Year already~

The times pass very fast~~~
Still remember the 1st time take flight from LCCT to Kota Kinabalu for my UMS MSM~
and now~~~ Already 1 year pass~~~
in this 1 year~~~ a lot things happen and make a big changes in my daily activities~
The biggest changes in my daily activities is~~~
I start to be a Clubbing Leg~~~~ on the 2nd semester of my Uni,
I everyday saturday sure will hanging around BW lounge with those friend : Kevin, Hien, Liau, VM, and so on~
and even meet some ppl in there~~~ hahaha~~ don know is good or bad~~~ but i love it very much~~~
Now, is my sem Break....which around 2month. but.....I don think i will have enough rest for this 2 month~
coz I start my Part-Time on the 2nd week of my holiday~~ and glad that...I found a part time job~
if not...i sure will waste the 2 month times hanging around done nothing~~~
Anyway......Wish all my friend have fun in their holiday~~~
and~~~ Going to be Senior liao lo~~~ hahahahaha~~~~~ XD

Sunday, April 25, 2010

4 Downs and 3 to Goes~~ wuahaha~~~

Wow, its already 1 weeks of My Final Exam!
seen like this week was a hardest week that i pass~~~
However, its already pass oh~~~XD
don know is happy or no happy at alll~~
Monday - MacroEconomic = Die
Thursday - Study Skill = Stil can go throught
Friday - Marketing = Don know can pass or not
Sunday(which is today) - Golf = Certified Dead!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ good or bad????? haiz~~ but already pass~~ let it pass bah~~~~
tomorrow got another paper to goes~~~
after tomorrow paper~~ i can consider~~ i am free~~~
coz the next 2 paper are Multiple Choice Question~~
so is very easy~~~ hahaha~~~
and.....the days to back HOME TOWN IS GETTING CLOSER~~~ haha
#COUNTDOWN 12days#

Monday, April 19, 2010

Macro Economic~~~ DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!!

At last~~~ It's Monday~~~~~
Well, It's the starting of our Semester 2 Final Exam!!!!!
Morning 9am ~ 12pm was my 1st paper MacroEconomic~~
At last~~~ its pass already~~~~~ well...I can say that~~~ I done it badly~~~'s pass already.......let it go bah~~~~~
Its time to focus on MARKETING subject de!!!!!!!!
GOGOGO~~~~~ 1 Down 6 To GO!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Now already 4.12am in the morning!! Everyone are busying doing their preparation for the FINAL EXAM!!! wuahaha~~~ after final, soon i will back to my lovely hometown~~ that is MALACCA!!!! miss it so much~~~~ and today~~ the Hitz.Fm have make me awake till now~~ so that I have the energy to study my MacroEconomic~~~ if not i sure will die for this subject!!! wish everyone who are going to exam soon~~ good luck~~~ and do ur best!!! XD

Friday, March 19, 2010


Haha~~~ here I would like to Congratulation to My friend!
Alvin Yan, SookLeng, and Esywara!
They have won the 2nd Runner Up MSC Malaysia Business Idea Competition 2009/2010!

They are representative of our UMSKAl-SSIL o!!
Once again! Congratulation!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

What what what??? lol~~~~

After the CNY holiday! Back to this waterless campus~~~~~
we still suffering those waterless life..........
everyday have to bath at the tangki which is open air!!!!!
some more..........
The management doing some long term project to curve this water crisis!
they build so much of water tangki!

Now so many tangki have been build!
Just hope that....those water tank will nonstop come in
to fill the water tangki!!!!!

well........there are a Flying Man on the day!!! XD~

Friday, February 26, 2010

Seafood Lunch~

Long holiday is end~~~ now is back to this waterless labuan~~ haiz~~~
but hor~~~ the only thing we can do is treat our self good and having fun like eat good and play well~~ hahaha~~

2nd day in Labuan~~ the Lunch is superb geng~~~
4 ppls of us go having Seafood Lunch!
Only Food can bring us good mood~~ lol~~~

well............we cant everyday having such lunch~~~
Hope the water problem will settle it as soon as possible!!!
If not I really gonna Pokai liao~~~ T.T

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Primary Gathering!

At last..... Our badge of Primary Friend had organised a BBQ Reunion!
this BBQ was take place on Jason's House oh~~~ XD

Choon Hui say that.....Old Style of Photo~~ lol~~ XD


Oi~~ having what Meeting oh???? seen so secret de~~ XD

Well......We also celebrate Angela 21st Birthday oh~~ haha~~
She is the Miss MMU oh~~ lol~~~ just a nickname we give she~

~ Me & Angela ~
~ Big Family Photo ~

There will have a 2nd gathering soon~~~ XD
Looking forward on that!
Wish all of u all Happy Chinese New Year!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Morning!

Haha~~~ 1 more week I will back to my Lovely Hometown MELAKA de~~
cant wait the day comes!
Today wake up early in the morning because of the current break down cause me awake!

Well, when my secondary school, I have taking a quiz of personalities which are show me that I am a type of phlegmatic person.

Today, I do it again the quiz about the personalities at the website

The result show once again that I still the phlegmatic type of person! haha~~~

I think its very accurate lo~~~ so long time already still the same~~~ haha~~~~

Monday, January 18, 2010

38 Group Chinese New Year Album

Wuahaha~~~ ~
Our UMS-Kal 38 Groups
come out a Chinese New Years MV oh~~~
Any comment just post at here or youtube there!!!
Wish u all Have fun with this 38 MV~~~
hahaha~~~~~ XD and we have edit another funny clips~

Have fun~~~~~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TaiBak drink which is very nice!

Here have another drink which also very nice in Melaka!

Its call Tai Bak! Its located in front of my Secondary school!
The stall alway will be our hanging place after our BB activities and so on!

~Tai Bak~

The stall also have some food like Rojak Mee, Mee Siam, Goreng Pisang!
The goreng pisang also very nice de oh~~

Nyonya Food 7-12-2009

Well, after I have go to the temple for praying. My parents bring me and my lovely cousin Joe go eat lunch at a Nyonya Restaurants oh!

This restaurant food is consider moderate for me! haha~~~

While we waiting for our food, we have order each of us 1 bowl of nyonya cendol! its delicious too!

~Nyonya Cendol~

We have order about 5 dishes! but, i just took the first 3 dishes photo!! wuahaha~~
1. Sambal Lady's Finger
2. Udang Lemak
3. Fried Fish with Sambal
4. Chicken Ponteh
5. Cincalok Fried Egg
Anyway, the price also not really cheap!! haha~~~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lian Pan Gong Temple 7-12-2009

Every years of Chinese Lunar Date of 21st October, I sure will go to a Temple for Pray!

The temple name is "Lian Pan Gong, 莲盤宫"

I will go this temple because of when I was small alway get sick, and my parents go this temple to pray for me...and I get recover, so I every year will go for praying. just once a year! haha!!

Really "You Qiu Bi Ing" XD

This temple have a lot of praying things which are setting till very neat and beautiful!

Every year we can see that the Dragon Heat Decoration with the praying paper!

Well, I had saw a lot of prayer bring different type of things come to pray for the god!
such as chicken, fruit, kuih, and so on!

But then, I had found that, some liquor in the table oh! even have 18years Chivas oh!! XD!

Beside chivas and other liquor, also have found a birthday cake for the god oh!

The Temple every years also have a small parade around the kampung! when I reach the temple, they just want to start the parade!

after the parade end, the temple member will light the fireworks.

Here is the uncle prepare to light the firework oh!
Anyway, Children don simply play those fireworks oh!!wuahaha!!

Joe In Melaka! 1st sem break.....had a small boy accompany me oh!

that is my Singapore Cousin!

Mr. Joe Ng Jia Xian

Here is his handsome face oh!! hehe~~XD

because he is love to drink ice blended, then i bring him go to

Calanthe Art Cafe at Dataran Pahlawan

which are now already not in business already!

I had order 1 cup of house blend coffee!

which have 3 layer de!! nice!
after that, we still going to Secret recipe! had the Chicken Cordon Blue!

Anyway, thx for Mr Joe for accompany me oh!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Labuan Labuan Labuan!

At last, My 1st Sem Break already end!

Now Back to a WATERLESSSSSSS Island!!!

But, Luckily my room have water to bath!! wuahaha~~~~

well, in my sem break just normal holiday and nothing much activities!

but I still enjoy much lo~~~

more update about my holiday will come out soon~

Anyway, New Sem have New aim for My Study! Gambateh it lo~~~