Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice "冬至快乐“

TODAY is one of our Chinese important day!!... WINTER SOLSTICE "冬至“!
I was wake up early than other day where 6.30am already wakeup!
After had my morning brush up, then head to kitchen to prepare the ingredient to make the rice ball "汤圆"
It was the 1st time of my life have to do tangyuan by myself......
Normally I was at home enjoying my mom handmake tangyuan.....
however, this year have to pass the day in CAMPUS...... so sad~~~
And i was trying something special where I do the tangyuan mix with potatoes.....Weird right?? hahaha~~

1st step: boild the potato so that easy to make like mashed potatoes. 

2nd step: add in the glutinous rice flour and small amount of water......

3rd step: after the mix done, just use hand to make it into the ball shape!

4th step: cook it in the boiling water for about 3 to 5minutes! and its done! 

Here is the soup that mix together with the rice ball....
There are 3ingredient only~ 
1. Ginger
2. Pandan Leaves
3. Gula Malacca

Luckily we still able to get a better gula malacca in labuan~ hahaha!!!

Here is the outcome that I spend my morning to do it!!
hahaha~~~~ anyway wish all of u HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!!!


  1. wake up in the 630am morning??
    i salute u. LOL.
    u can be a good husband and papa in the future ady. xD