Sunday, December 18, 2011


Haha...Its Sunday.....
The once a year of 冬季 "Chinese Lunar Month of Winter Day" is coming soon!
This year is very sad....I was not home to celebrate the day with my lovely family....
However, My UNI KAKI already form an event where all of us gather together have dinner
where each of us cook few dishes and eat together!!
Its cool right??? have Family FEEL!! wuahahahha
 So.......Today I was try to cook 1 dishes which will do on that day....
but it was FAIL instead of success......

Here is this....the one that i cook FAIL!!
I was trying to make Butter Chicken.....
but I think success in the butter floss bah!! hahahha!!!
Hopefully that day I able to cook a nicer look of dishess instead of this one la!! :P
by the way....I also make a steam egg as my lunch too~~

Here is the time for me to lunch woh!!!! 
wish you all also will have a NICE lunch!!! BYE!!!!!! :D

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